The main house offers 1 double-room and 3 triple-rooms each with its own bathroom, attic with a bed-sofa, living room, dining room, kitchen,
2 fireplaces, large outdoor terraces, balcony in 2 bedrooms and barbeque.
The colors in all bedrooms are different and match the linen (duvet covers, towels, curtains) and the corresponding bathroom. All the furniture is wooden. The guest can relax and have a glass of traditional "tsipouro" while reading a book in the cozy room. All the bathrooms have a bathtub, electric wall heater for heating the towels and a hair dryer.
Guests can adjust the room temperature according to their wish. Hot water is available 24 hours a day.
There are also two separate double-rooms, which have independent entrance and communicate with the main house as well. They also communicate with each other through a common hallway and each has its own bathroom. One of them has also a fireplace.